Summer Training Program on Welding Technology for Ist Year Students    Industrial Training Program on Advance Welding & Inspection Technology    Registration open for "Short Term Training Program- 2019"


  • Dissemination of knowledge in Welding, Automation and Non Destructive Inspection Technologies through Training / Certification and Technical Publications.
  • Research and Development in creating and applying various welding processes, automation technologies, non-destructive testing technologies, equipmentā€™s and consumables catering to the appropriate needs of industries, serving varied sectors, such as Automotive and Transportation; Heavy Equipment; Aerospace; Electronics; Medical Products; Precision Instruments; Electric Power and Petrochemical.
  • Metallurgical investigations including analysis of Welding Defects and their remedies; Failure Analysis; Residual Life Assessment; analysis of Residual Stresses and Distortions etc.
  • Holistic consultancy services and solutions to industrial problems through long term MOUs and one time contracts.
  • Collaborative research in areas specific to any industry or a cluster of industries.