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Major Objectives

To address cost and productivity issues of welding industry:

To reduce the average cost of welding substantially, by providing better process selection guidance, increasing the use of automation and robots, and lowering reject and repair rates.

Enhancement of Welding Process technology:

Enhance the use of welding in manufacturing and construction operations by integrating welding with other manufacturing and construction disciplines, at the engineering level and also at the operational level.

Research and Development in Materials technology:

Develop welding technology and automation along with new materials so that practical fabrication methods are available for all engineering applications.

Improvement in Quality of Welded components:

Through the use of modeling, systematic process selection and procedure development, and NDT technologies, assure that welding can be part of a six sigma quality environment.

Education & Training of Welding Personnel’s:

To increase the knowledge base of all people employed in the welding industry, at every level, enabling them to make decisions that will result in utilization of the best welding technology for each application.

Energy & environment:

To reduce energy use in welding through such productivity improvements as decreased pre- and post-heating operations, and use of advanced, lower heat input welding processes and avoidance of over welding.