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S.No Title & Scope of the Proposed Projects
1. Production of high-quality welds on pipes of P-91 & P-92 steels used in fabrication of thermal power plants.
2. Optimization of welding parameters used in Metal Inert Gas(MIG) welding of HSLA steels for improved mechanical properties.
3. Experimental research and analysis of aluminum welds by pulsed Metal Inert Gas(MIG) welding.
4. Weldability studies of dissimilar metal welds (C-Steels with SS; steels with aluminium) using GTAW.
5. Revelation of conditions that lead to defects and cracking in Al welds using AC - TIG.
6. Parametric studies of TIG welded martensitic stainless steel plates using cold metal transfer.
7. Studies on welding automation and productivity enhancements using robotic twin wire (tandem) Metal Inert Gas(MIG) welding system.
8. Evaluation of robotic Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process for welding thin pipes of Aluminium alloys.
9. Studies on development and qualification of welding procedures through virtual welding.